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Cosmoledo – The GT Capital of the World

The tally for the week across all eight anglers was a respectable 98 GTs, two milkfish, 10 triggers, a large dogtooth tuna, many bluefins and bonefish plus numerous other species like jobfish, groupers, and snappers……….

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Fly Fishing In Saltwater: South Padre Island, Texas

It was the perfect storm of bad luck: anglers used to trout streams instead of flats; cloudy weather; murky water with low visibility; and strange tides. Furthermore, although the red tide hadn’t made its way into the lagoon, its signs were everywhere.

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Mullet in the Ring of Kerry: Fly fishing for Mullet

Text and pictures by Rudy van Duijnhoven (Originally published in Tail 30 – July 2017) Though mullet are present in large numbers along the coastline of the British Isles and the mainland of Europe, they are not often caught on fly. Mullet can reach weights of... read more

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