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Mullet in the Ring of Kerry: Fly fishing for Mullet

Text and pictures by Rudy van Duijnhoven (Originally published in Tail 30 – July 2017) Though mullet are present in large numbers along the coastline of the British Isles and the mainland of Europe, they are not often caught on fly. Mullet can reach weights of... read more

Using Nets for Saltwater Species

Why don’t we use nets for smaller fish like bonefish, permit and smaller redfish? The answer is often “I don’t need one.” or “well that’s the way it’s always been done.” But there is a real argument to using a landing net for saltwater species. It can redeuce... read more

Want to take better fish photos?

If you truly want to commit to capturing great moments, put down the rod and focus on the camera. Even if you are fishing, make sure it is easy to grab your camera. Photography is often capturing a specific and candid moment, don’t let it pass by.

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