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Fly fishing South Florida: there’s no place like home

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, I watched as news stations cycled and recycled footage of the devastation in South Florida. Yes, certain areas got hit hard, and people lost homes and businesses and some people tragically lost their lives and yes, the area is still...

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Fly Tying Instructional – Craft Store Crab

This pattern imitates a range of crab species, and the mind-blowingly simple foundation of the pattern is intentional, making it easy for any angler to match their local crab hatch depending on the fishery they are exploring.

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Books by Tail Contributors

The subscribers of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine are aware of the quality of our contributors and the magnitude of their presence in the fly fishing industry.  Just in case you didn’t know how talented they are, we thought we would share this blog with a few great books recently released by past and current Tail contributors.

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