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Fly selection can be a big-dollar event. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on flies when you’re prepping for an exotic trip. Example: if you’re gearing up for billfish in Latin America, you can expect to spend between 10 and 30 USD per fly. And your not going...

Tarpon Town

WE TOLD CHARLES HE WAS DERANGED WHEN HE ANNOUNCED PLANS TO RETIRE AND RELOCATE TO CAMPECHE, MEXICO, TO LEARN SPANISH AND FISH FOR TARPON Granted, he is an enigmatic bon-vivant type who spent much of his life bouncing from place to place before settling into a...

Jamaica Bay Stripers

Jamaica Bay is like no other fishery in the US. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east, and by New York City on the other sides. It may not have the beauty of the Marquesas or the crystal-clear water of the Keys, but I believe that it is perhaps...

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