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Fly Fishing for Yellow Fin Tuna

Fly fishing for Yellow fin Tuna I never imagined my first saltwater fish on a fly would be a yellowfin tuna. Never would I have thought of myself hooking up with a fish that has been genetically blessed to the point that, pound for pound, it has more power than...


Lots of fly fishermen tie flies. what separates the best tiers from everyone else is that the experts make their flies look like pieces of art. Nick Davis is the expert’s expert. he runs a business called 239 flies. you can easily tell his flies from those of other...

The Politics of Bonefish

The Politics of Bonefish in Abco Most of us don’t think about the intersection between bone fishing and politics until we have to. June 17, 2015, has become a day of infamy in flats fishing. it’s the day when the bahamas Department of Marine resources (dMr) rolled out...

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